Hello and welcome to Fly fishing in Slovenia

When you stay with us in the Soca valley you will be surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps and views of the Triglav National Park – Slovenia is a place of enchanting beauty. With our guidance you can experience the very best fly fishing on some of Europe’s most beautiful, pristine, and gin clear rivers. We go fishing for the unique Marble trout which are often of double figures, record Adriatic and Danubian Grayling,  Brown and Rainbow trout. In the Winter Season we fish for the Danubian Salmon locally known as the Huchen.

I’ve been guiding and taking my guests fishing for over 20 years on crystal clear wild mountain streams like the Baca, Trebusica and Lepena, or from the Unec chalkstream to the mighty Soca and Idrijca rivers. From these years of experience our guests can expect expert local knowledge of fishery locations, fly patterns, and fishing methodology – a lifetimes study of techniques learned in Slovenia and throughout the world for dry fly,  nymphing and streamer fishing. Couple this guidance with comfortable lodging, excellent home-cooked cuisine, and a picture begins to emerge of what we hope will be a truly special and memorable fishing trip. 

In Slovenia there is an abundance of flyfishing. We work hand in hand with the local river keepers and Fishing license Associations to take you to the best fishing locations on each given day. Fishing in Slovenia is well preserved and the environment’s well-being is of great importance. 

The country is largely forested with many varieties of deciduous trees on the hillsides. There is very little heavy agriculture creating the perfect natural habitat for wildlife with copious varieties of butterflies and birds and a profusion of wild flowers. This in turn all helps with the prolific insect hatches that create some of the most spectacular and unique fishing in Europe. Slovenia’s fauna and flora have to be seen to be believed!

This beautiful country nestles between between Italy and Austria and is truly worth a visit for the discerning fly fisher.


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