The Soca

The Soca, one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers, meanders its way through the Julian Alps. Its character changes from swift mountain stream to a mighty and strong river, with many deeps. Its blue green colouring, cutting through spectacular gorges and wide moon like shingle beds. Its cold temperature stops all but the hardiest bather. But here lies the marbled trout, growing to reach trophy sizes. Under the incredible strong current, marble trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus) survive to hunt the grayling. It’s wonderful to think they’ve survived in such profusion. This is a place that time forgot.

Come summer the massive predators start to hunt. Ferocious is its nature as it swirls at speed after its prey. When he’s eaten he’ll return to sleep on the riverbed. Or hidden under a rocky wall, no one will know he’s there, except the practiced eye of the fishing guide.

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