The Bača

The Bača is emerald coloured and a relatively short river at 14 miles in length. It is a tributary of the Idrijca and cuts through a forested lush and beautiful hilly landscape. My late friend Marjan Fratnik (famous for his ‘F’ Fly CdC) grew up fishing this river and it was one of his favourites. Fratnik developed the famous CdC minimalist design on the Bača and sent letters in the early 80s to important fly dressers throughout the world with a few unedited patterns, and begun a revolution in dry fly tying.

This secret lush valley holds marbled trout, Adriatic Grayling, Marble/ Brown Hybrids, and Rainbows. The Bača’s  heavily forested small feeder streams are important wild spawning grounds for the marble trout, and like the Bača itself they’re spectacular studies in rock formation and Slovenia’s ancient forests. We generally leave these special little streams alone given their delicate balance.
The Bača can be a difficult river but it’s always a very rewarding experience when you connect and find the fish.

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