The Unec

This must be one of the most spectacular chalk streams (Spring Creeks) in Europe. Grayling and Brown trout live an amazing existence here.

From the Roman bridge downstream is dry fly only. The water meadows are inhabited by a population of millions of grasshoppers and other insects. The black May fly hatches here, with up-winged flies, many sedges and stone flies. The river winds its way through meadows while the grey shrikes fly between bushes and trees along the river-bank.

As you cast your dry fly to the Grayling, she tips up and sucks it down. You feel the fish’s heavy weight on your four weight and you know you’ve got it right. You catch another four fish one after another then as if by magic it’s all over.

Walking back through a sea of blue flowers you’ve had one of those experiences, it’s the reason why we all love to fish. I took my fishing friend Paul Procter here in 2003 and was completely inspired with this river. He has since returned year upon year.

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